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S$ 250

The world’s most advanced tennis ball mower at a bargain, 45% OFF!

Tired of collecting hundred of tennis balls every time you play tennis, kneeing down, hurting your back and wasting precious minutes of game time?
Meet the Tomo Hopper, the perfect companion for your tennis ball machine or coaching sessions!

This product was purchased 2yrs ago and is in excellent condition.



The Tomo Hopper will help you collect all your tennis balls in a couple minutes with no effort while saving your back from injuries: all you need to do is push it on the court and it will collect your tennis balls to gather them in a basket. You will then only need to empty it in your basked or the ball hopper of your Lobster tennis ball canon!
Here are the main benefits and technical features of the Tomo Hopper:
  • Gathers up to 90 tennis balls in less than two minutes
  • Works on all surfaces, with any kind of balls (including junior ones)
  • Arms spread 1m for efficient gathering at net and fence
  • Smart design allowing assembly and dismantling in 10 seconds with non effort
  • Easily lockable and removable arms for quick use and easy storage
  • Red colour
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA
  • Our price is nett (in SGD – excludes shipping cost in Asia), we do not add GST or other bank/payment fees

Ideal for tennis coaches or to complement the use of any Lobster portable tennis ball machine model: Elite FreedomElite LibertyElite OneElite TwoElite ThreeElite Grand Four and Elite Grand Five Limited Edition.

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  • Unparalleled customer service: real-time assistance delivered almost 24/7! Unlike a brick and mortar store and thanks to our extended operating hours, we leverage our digital expertise to support you as fast as possible, even while you are on your tennis court
  • Our exclusive service centre fully equipped with all spare parts needed, allowing us to fix any issue that may arise on your machine locally
  • The strongest technical team of experts in Asia, combining more than 30 years of mechanical and electronic engineering. We are the most experienced and knowledgeable experts of Tomo Hopper and Kollectaball tennis ball collectors as well as Lobster Sports battery operated and portable tennis ball machines in Asia

Please feel free to email us at sales@tennisbot.asia or call us at +65 8533 0184 (also works on Whatsapp) for more details, we will be happy to assist you. Alternatively you can also use our contact form.

Finally, please refer to the videos below to see the Tomo Hopper in action:

1. Ball mowing on the court, including net and fence

2. Easy assembly

3. Dismantling

Refer to the long list of testimonials from happy users of the Tomo Hopper here!

Additional information

Weight 11.5 kg
Dimensions N/A

88x44x40cm when folded, optimized to use minimum storage space


– Rugged non-marking wheels for all court surfaces
– 100% made of durable plastics so it can easily be stored outside and handle rain and humidity


Tennis Bot is the only dealer in Asia capable of fixing any model of Lobster elite tennis ball machine and this service is provided to you for free (parts & labour) within the warranty period, while other dealers would ask you to ship your machine back to Lobster in the US (at your own cost).
Thanks to our experienced team of mechanical and electronic engineers and fully equipped service center we can handle any repair with no hidden cost (see our FAQ for more details).