Tennis Ball Machine Rental

Interested in buying a ball launcher but would like to try it out before deciding? Tennis Bot makes this possible by letting you rent1 one so you could try it on your own terms.

Below are our available models for rent2 and associated fee structure3:

  • Lobster Elite 5 limited editionS$150/week: the most advanced model of the range which will allow you to simulate any model of Lobster tennis ball machine
  • Lobster Elite 2S$130/week (HKD 740/week): the versatile daily ball launcher
  • Slinger Bag (with all accessories) – S$110/week (HKD 600/week): the day-to-day tennis bag… with a ball machine!

In Singapore, delivery or pickup to/from your place can be arranged island-wide at S$40/trip.

Our packages also include the following:

  • x1 remote control
  • x1 Premium charger for faster charging time and minimizing downtime!
  • x1 set of pressureless tennis balls
  • Unlimited access to Tennis Bot’s best-rated customer service

The best part? This rental fee is fully deductible upon purchasing any new model of Lobster or Slinger tennis ball machine3!

So don’t wait any longer! Rent a tennis ball machine today by getting in touch with our friendly team using our contact page!

Note: terms and conditions apply and may be adjusted without prior notice.

1 Our rental service is currently only available in Singapore, Hong Kong, and Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia)
2 Based on booking schedule, all 3 models are available in Singapore. In Hong Kong, Elite 2 and Slinger Bag only. KL: Slinger Bag only
3 The rental fee is payable to Tennis Bot in Singapore and Hong Kong before collection. Rental fee is payable to a third party in Kuala Lumpur and is non-deductible upon purchasing a new set