Tennis Bot Affiliates – General Questions

Who is eligible to become a Tennis Bot Affiliate?

Any passionate tennis or pickle ball player who enjoys our products can join our affiliate program!
If you are well connected in the community and are actively playing using our products, you are particularly suited for this Program. Indeed, the more products are visible, the more sales and payouts would will generate as a result!

What’s in it for me and my referrals?

Help us promote our amazing ball machines and earn a 5% commission on all completed purchases! When purchasing using your code, your referrals will get a 5% discount.

Iā€™m keen to join! How do I sign up?

All you need to do is fill in your details in the form available on this page. Within a few days, our team will review your application and you will get notified by email as soon as your submission is approved.
You will be able to get started right after that!

How do you support my referrals?

The short answer is, just like any other Tennis Bot Customer šŸ™‚
In addition, we will be happy to speak with them before they purchase any of the products eligible for this Program.

What are the products eligible for this Program?

All models of Lobster Sports tennis ball machines qualify for this Program.

Do I need to pay any fee to join the program?

No šŸ™‚ Our Affiliate Program is entirely free!

What happens after my application has been approved?

You will receive an email with your unique code and link to your personal dashboard. Make sure to share your referral code and remind your referrals to use it upon checkout!

Can I use my referral code to purchase additional products for myself or existing Tennis Bot Customers?

No, the program only applies to new Customers.

Can my referral be used in conjunction with other discounts and/or vouchers?

The discount does not apply to items on sale and cannot be used with other discounts or vouchers.
In particular, it cannot be used in conjunction with a voucher offsetting the rental fee of a Customer who would have previously rented out one of our machines.