Tennis Bot Affiliates – Payment

What is the payout period? When will I receive my payouts?

At the end of each quarter, if you are eligible for payouts. A payment would then be scheduled at the end of that month for the current account balance via bank transfer.

What is the minimum amount revenue required to receive my payouts?

An affiliate is eligible for payout once their balance reaches S$200. If you do not qualify in a given quarter, we will roll over the balance to the next quarter until this minimum threshold is met. 

How do I see my previous payments and referrals?

You can track your payout history and past referrals in your dedicated personal space. The link to it is available in the email you received when your application was approved.

Can I refer Customers located overseas?

Absolutely, but only for Lobster Sports tennis ball machines at the present time.

Are my commissions capped?

No 🙂 We let you to spread the word and grow the number of passionate Customers as much as you wish!

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