The balls shot by my elite grand machine (four or five limited edition) do not clear the net: is there something wrong with it?

The elite grand four and elite grand five limited edition (le) are fully computerized machines that pre-calculate trajectories (speed, angle…) for the balls they shoot.
If more than 10% off the balls are not clearing the net or going out, please follow the guidelines and best practices below to calibrate your machine:
  1. Please make sure that the net on your tennis court is 35-36 inches high at the middle.
  2. Ensure that all tennis balls used for playing are in the same condition (do not mix old and new ball tennis balls as it will impact the consistency of the shots).
  3. If some balls are still not clearing the net and even if the test ball is landing on the “T”, re-calibrate the test ball to surpass the T a bit and see how that works.
Important: the “T” is a guideline but will vary depending on altitude, environmental conditions, and also the brand and type of tennis balls used.
Shall this not solve the problem, please contact us so we could assist you.

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