The battery of my Slinger is not charging

This tutorial assumes that you confirmed the following:

  1. Your battery is not charging and the LED on the charger never turns red.
  2. Using a different power point does not solve the issue.
  3. The adapter is properly inserted onto the charger (check this FAQ for more details).
  4. The charging end of the charger has been fully inserted into the front panel of the bag.

If all the above has been checked and your Slinger is still not charging, please follow the steps below to ensure that the battery is well connected:

  1. Turn off your Slinger.
  2. Look on the left of the hole whereby the balls are shoot out: you should see 4 plastic screws. They hold the battery of your Slinger in place.
  3. Please remove them and keep them aside in a safe location.
  4. Pull the battery, and check that the cable at the back is connected.
  5. If yes, make sure the cable is tightly connected and adjust if needed.
  6. If not, pull the cable from the back of your Slinger and connect it to the battery.
  7. Put the battery back into your Slinger and secure it with the 4 screws.
  8. Connect the charger and check that the LED on it is now red.

If this does not resolve the issue you are facing, please get in touch with our team so we could assist you further.

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