Which countries in Asia do you ship to?

Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with leading delivery companies such as DHL Express or Ninja Van, we ship to 23 countries in Asia on a regular basis. We offer free shipping in Singapore and leverage our shipping partner’s network and operations to provide next-day pickups, and door-to-door shipments fully insured.

Shipping rates will be automatically displayed upon checkout, when applicable. These are dynamic and may evolve on a daily basis based on market conditions.

Note that our rates are flexible and can be tailored according to your needs (lead time, size, and weight of your order…). Please feel free to contact us for more details. Shall you prefer to use the shipping provider of your choice, please liaise with our team before buying placing your order online.

Please find below the indicative delivery lead times and costs for Slinger:

CountryCut-off time for
next-day pickup1
Delivery lead time2Cost
Singapore4pm2-3 working days from pickup dateFree
Hong Kong4pm1-2 working days from pickup dateFree
Malaysia4pm4-5 working days from pickup dateFree

1 Next-day pickup is available on weekdays only. Please refer to the example below for more details:
– An order placed at 3pm on Tuesday would be scheduled for collection on Wednesday.
– An order placed at 6pm on Tuesday would be scheduled for collection on Thursday.
– An order placed after 4pm on Friday (or during the weekend) would be scheduled for collection the following Monday.
2 In Singapore, an order picked up on Tuesday would typically be delivered on Thursday or Friday. Next-day delivery (i.e. day after pickup) may be offered at the discretion of our delivery partners.


  • Delivery lead times are indicative exclude weekends and Public Holidays. They may be adjusted by our delivery partners without prior notification based on market conditions.
  • Note that shipping rates can be adjusted by our shipping partners without prior notification. Please feel free to contact us before placing your order for verification, we will be happy to assist you.
  • Our shipping costs include transportation fee (and surcharge if any – i.e. fuel surcharge, peak, etc.), insurance, and the handling of export procedures. They exclude applicable import taxes and duties at destination (if any). Please contact the relevant customs authorities directly to obtain more details on applicable tax and duty rates and required documents.
  • Tennis ball machines excepted, all products listed on our website are shipped using the Economy service offering the best rates / lead time compromise available upon placing your order. Please contact us before placing an order if you would like to use a different shipping provider or service.
  • Delivery lead time and rates are subject to change without prior notice and may be impacted by cut-off times, customs clearance process, COD payments, etc. which are beyond Tennis Bot control. For more information on this, please visit the shipping provider’s website or contact our team.

The following countries may require longer delivery lead times with DHL Express: China (3 working days), Papua New Guinea (2 working day), Bhutan (3 working days), Laos, (2 working days), Myanmar (2 working days), Nepal (2 working days) and Guam (2 working days).

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