Who can benefit from using a Lobster Sports elite or elite grand tennis ball machine?

These amazing tennis ball machine typically cater the needs of the following profiles:

  • Tennis players of all levels who want to improve the effectiveness of their strokes and match stamina
  • Tennis enthusiast with tight schedules who have difficulty finding tennis partners available when they are
  • Health conscious individuals can achieve a great cardio work-out trying to keep up with our tireless
  • Tennis partners parents looking for a safe and inexpensive way to introduce their children to a fun sport, thereby guiding them to a healthy and active lifestyle
  • Tennis coaches can increase time spent coaching and fine-tuning your strokes from close range in real-time rather than feeding balls from the other side of the court
  • Sports clubs who want to make these machines available to their members
  • Condominium equipped with tennis courts
  • Schools who are teaching tennis or who want to create tennis workshops during their holidays camps

If you are one them, don’t wait any longer and get yourself a Lobster tennis ball machine! If not feel free to contact us, we would love to hear about your needs and expectations with our machines and assist you.