Why do you not have a showroom?

At Tennis Bot, we provide first class services and operate in a lean way to avoid all unnecessary costs so we can give these savings back to you and deliver on our lowest price guarantee.

We believe that the best place to see and experience the thrill of our amazing products (Lobster Sports tennis ball machines in particular!) is on a tennis court. Would you prefer to experience and feel what driving a Ferrari is like on the road or in a showroom? It goes the same way with our products: there is so little you can say about them in a showroom whereas seeing them in action will convince you that their outstanding capabilities will cater your needs.

On top of that, we believe that being available whenever:
– It is convenient for you to drop/collect your machine before/after work,
– You play tennis,
You need to reach out to us remotely,
matters more, be it in the early hours of the morning, late in the evening, during the week-end or even on a Public Holiday.

With us, no limited operating hours, closed shop or additional costs associated with a showroom. We work around the clock to support you whenever you need us and wherever you are in Asia!