Why do you not have a showroom?

At Tennis Bot, we are convinced that delighting our customers before, during, and after they purchase of our products differentiates us from others and is the keystone of our success in Asia.

First and foremost, we thrive in assisting our customers whenever they need us: be it while playing tennis, in the early hours of the day, late in the evening, over the week-end, or on a Public Holiday.
The fixed operating hours of a showroom wouldn’t enable us to provide us such on-demand support. On top of that, the high associated costs of running a showroom in Singapore would add unnecessary costs to our business (especially for our many customers located overseas), ultimately preventing us from offering the best available prices and providing the best customer service on the market.

Before a purchase

Secondly, we believe the best place to see and experience our amazing products (Lobster Sports tennis ball machines in particular) is on a tennis court. How much can you gauge the performance of a great product by staring at it on a shelf, without using it and experiencing its incredible capabilities on a tennis court?

Staring at a product on a shelf is one thing. Bringing it to you and standing by you whenever you need on-demand and responsive after-sales support, evenings included or over the weekend is another. This is the Tennis Bot experience and a showroom would not enable that.

Instead of asking you to come visit us, we bring the Lobster tennis ball machines to you so you could try it out on your own tennis court!*
Shall you prefer to decide on your terms, you can also rent one of our demo machines to use it at your convenience. Please make sure to visit our rental page for more information on this exclusive service.

Would seating static in a sportscar in the middle of a showroom provide you with an experience anywhere near a test drive? It goes the same way with our products: there is so little you can say about them in a showroom whereas experiencig them in action will convince you that their outstanding capabilities will cater your needs.

After your purchase

Similarly, we are committed to assist you remotely whenever you face an issue. We understand the pain of getting to a location back and forth, twice, to drop off and collect a product that needs attention and work hard to save you this hassle.
Thanks to our very flexible online and offline operating hours, we are available to assist you whenever you:

  • Need to drop-off/collect a machine or product before/after work, or during the weekend
  • Are the court and face an issue with your product

With us, say goodbye to unaccommodating operating hours and closed-door whenever you need help outside regular working hours. We work around the clock to support you whenever you need us and wherever you are in Asia!

If you would like to better understand how we assist our customers, please take a minute to read the reviews left by our happy customers on Google (here) or on our website (here). These aretrue testimonies of how we can assist you from now on.

* only available in Singapore currently. Please contact our team to schedule an appointment.

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