Why is a software upgrade important?

Tennis Boot is the only distributor in Asia where you can have your software upgraded on any Grand (Elite 4, Elite 5 and Elite 5 Limited Edition) and Phenom Tennis Ball Machines. The importance of a software upgrade cannot be understated whether a new software is released by Lobster Sports to fix bugs or to introduce exciting new features to keep your Lobster Sports Tennis Ball Machine.

In recent times, software upgrades have introduced the following exciting new features to the Grand and Phenom range:

  • Random feed rate in all modes
  • Ability to set variable interval between balls
  • Triple Oscillation
  • Ability to simultaneously use horizontal and vertical oscillation
  • Random depth in 2-line mode
  • Ability to simultaneously use 2-line mode with vertical oscillation
  • More pre-programmed drill
  • 6 new drills to help you master even more game fundamentals
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