*** SOLD *** Used elite liberty

Used Lobster Elite Liberty in great condition! Well taken care of (kept indoor) and used on hard court with Wilson trainer balls only.
It’s the perfect machine for beginners, it offers all the basic functions you need to start training: random horizontal oscillation, adjustable elevation, top and back spin.

With all the key features required to practice and a light weight of 16kg, the Elite Liberty will give you up plenty of practice with up to 4 hours of court time!

Scroll down for additional information about this second-hand Elite Liberty.


The main advantage of this used Elite Liberty is its simplicity to use.

In addition to this, the main benefits and technical features are:

  • Ideal for beginners
  • Top and backspin capability
  • Elevation: manual, from 0 to 50°
  • Oscillation: random horizontal
  • Speed: from 10 to 65mph
  • Feed rate: from 2 to 10s
  • Portable, includes a foldable handle for easier storage
  • Comes with the following accessories:
  • 1-year local warranty
  • Price: please contact by email (sales@tennisbot.asia), phone/sms/Whatsapp (+65 8533 0184), or using our contact form (click here)

For more detailed information about Lobster Sports tennis ball machines, please download the comparison chart here.

Additional information

Machine size

70x40x90cm with handle unfolded


up to 150 tennis balls (we recommend to use pressure-less tennis balls)


battery operated, allowing 2 to 4 hours of court time


8″ diameter for greater portability


Reversible ball hopper to optimize storage space and facilitate transportation


Foldable handle to minimize storage space and facilitate transportation (fits in most car boots)


indicates the elevation angle using a pointer located at the front of the machine


Lobster Sports international warranty: 2 years except 1yr on accessories and 6 months on battery and server wheels (for more information about warranty, please refer to our FAQ section)


Tennis Bot is the only dealer in Asia capable of fixing any model of Lobster elite tennis ball machine and this service is provided to you for free (parts & labour) within the warranty period, while other dealers would ask you to ship your machine back to Lobster in the US (at your own cost).
Thanks to our experienced team of mechanical and electronic engineers and fully equipped service center we can handle any repair with no hidden cost (see our FAQ for more details).