Where passion for racket sports, innovation, and Customer service meet

Tennis Bot Asia was started by a group of passionate tennis fans and technology enthusiasts seeking innovative products and services allowing them to improve their game and skills while having more fun on the court.

Driven by our shared passions for technology, Innovation, and excellent Customer service, we leveraged our technical and engineering background to source, test, and bring the best innovations in tennis to Asia.

Bringing Lobster Sports tennis ball machines to Asia

Our story started in Singapore but rapidly expanded across Asia. Struggling to find tennis partners to play with and noticing that tennis courts were underutilized, we rapidly realized that fellow tennis players were facing the same challenges.

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We began our journey by focusing on tennis ball machines as a result. Indeed, realizing the effectiveness of tennis ball machines to rapidly improve one’s tennis game, we tested many different brands and models to conclude that Lobster Sports ball machines offered a unique value proposition.

With more than 45 years of experience in designing and manufacturing tennis ball launchers in the United States, this company produces the most advanced, portable, battery-operated, and durable tennis ball canons in the world. Their wide range of products suitable for players of all levels, the quality of their products, and constant focus on innovating made the decision easy for us.

Building on our 35+ years of combined experience in mechanical and electronic engineering, unique retail and supply chain skills set, Tennis Bot innovated by establishing the first fully equipped after-sale service center in Asia to better serve its clients. This exclusive and differentiated advantage, combined with our excellent Customer service available 7 days a week, uniquely positions Tennis Bot to serve Customers anywhere in Asia.

A unique platform connecting Innovative brand with passionate players

Building on this initial success across the Asia-Pacific region, we built the first online platform providing tennis and pickle players with innovative and enhancing experiences on the court.

We continuously source, test, and curate the best products around the world that will allow our Customers to improve their game while having more fun on the court. Below are some of the major milestones we achieved:

tennis bot asia slinger bag singapore top with gear
  • In 2016 we introduced the Tomo Hopper, the world’s most advanced tennis ball mower. Learning from our daily interactions with our customers, we understood that a solution to efficiently collect tennis balls was needed
  • In 2017 Tennis Bot was proudly appointed Distributor of Kollectaball tennis ball collectors (CS40, K-Max, CS60) in Asia, with Exclusive distribution in Singapore and Hong Kong. These ball collectors are the easiest and funniest to operate on the market and we are happy to make collecting tennis balls fun!
  • In 2018, we delivered the first Pickle ball machine in Asia, enabling the passionate players of this nascent sport in Asia to keep improving their game
  • In 2020, we brought Slinger Bag, the most exciting tennis product in recent years, in South-East Asia. Tennis Bot was proudly appointed the exclusive distributor of Slinger Bag in Singapore
  • 2021 marked the year of our operational expansion in APAC. To better serve our Customers in their respective countries, we further developed our presence in Hong Kong and Malaysia.
    This makes Tennis Bot the only regional tennis ball machine company able to offer local distribution and timely after-sale services in multiple countries across the Region.
    In addition, we made Slinger Bag accessible to more tennis players in APAC by successfully launching it in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, and the Philippines

As passionate tennis players, we want to make these world-leading products available and affordable to all. We buy in bulk, optimize our operation costs, and by selling directly to our Customers, we pass the savings directly to you.

Exclusive Customer services

We relentlessly and continuously innovate to introduce groundbreaking products or services to deliver you more value.
This is what makes Tennis Bot the first-choice destination where to get your differentiated tennis gear in Asia:

  • A lowest price guarantee to ensure that you get the best price for your products, be it a tennis ball machine or a tennis ball collector
  • A one-hour free demonstration of our Lobster Sports tennis ball machines before you buy, so that you can experience the features of each model and make an informed choice on the right tennis ball machine for your needs
  • An exclusive rental service in Singapore, so you could try our tennis ball machines on your own terms. The rental fee is fully deductible upon purchasing any tennis ball machine from us!
  • Unparalleled customer service: we work around the clock to support you 7 days a week, and created an exclusive online troubleshooting service to support you at your convenience.
    Unlike a store with standard opening hours, and thanks to our extensive operating hours, we assist you whenever and wherever you need us, in the evening, on weekends, and on the tennis court
  • The strongest team of technical experts in Asia, combining more than 35+ years of mechanical and electronic engineering. We are the most experienced and knowledgeable experts of Lobster Sports tennis ball machines in Asia
  • Fully equipped service centers in Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong that offer the largest stock of spare parts (motors, control panels, sensors, etc.) outside the Lobster Sports factory in the USA and allowing us to fix your machine locally
  • An exclusive 50% discount on all repairs (parts and labor) after your product warranty expired (for first-hand owners who purchased their products from Tennis Bot)
  • Pricing transparency and visibility: we have nothing to hide! All our prices are listed on our website, and our stock levels are updated in real-time so you have all the information you need to make your purchasing decision
  • Free delivery: all our products are delivered free of charge in Singapore. We deliver our Lobster tennis ball machines in person and provide you a free one-hour tutorial on how to use it
  • The ability to upgrade the software on all grand (elite four, five, and five limited edition) and Phenom machines. We are the only dealer in Asia which Lobster Sports Inc has entrusted to share their most tightly guarded intellectual property, the software which controls the world’s most advanced tennis ball machines

Our team has sold products in over 14 countries in Asia and our track record includes hundreds of individuals, top players, and prestigious institutions in APAC.

We focus on delivering the best quality and service to our Customers, and are committed to operating at the highest standards. This has been instrumental in building our solid reputation of excellence all over Asia as demonstrated by our customers’ referrals on Google or our homepage

We look forward to serving you!