I have seen Lobster tennis ball machines advertised at cheaper rates online, why should I buy from Tennis Bot?

The prices listed on our website are the prices you pay: they are net and all-inclusive*.

Tennis Bot the most experienced Authorized Premium dealer of Lobster Sports tennis ball machines, exclusive distributor of Slinger Bag, Kollectaball tennis ball collectors, and best-rated tennis business in Asia on Google.

When comparing prices, beware of misguiding and attractive offers that often exclude hidden fees such as shipping or delivery costs, GST or VAT, and other service fees (credit card or bank transfer payment, etc.). While you only find out about these costs at the very last step of the payment process with other merchants (i.e. when required to key in your credit card details), our listed prices:

  • Are net and all-inclusive*
  • Include free delivery and free tutorial on how to use the machine (currently only available in Singapore)
  • Offer next-day delivery, thanks to our partnership with DHL Express**
  • Offer a range of accessories so you could customize your package
  • Give you access to our best-rated and exclusive services outlined here.

Tennis Bot will beat or match any international authorized Lobster Sports tennis ball machine dealer’s selling price for a tennis ball machine sold in Singapore (Terms & Conditions apply).

Every single machine is tested in Singapore prior to being delivered to you in-person (in Singapore) or by our partner DHL Express (all other countries in Asia). This ensures that your machine is in perfect working condition when leaving our premises, as opposed to a product that has been in transit multiple times, handled by different third parties as it is usually common when using cheaper freight forwarders.

More importantly, Tennis Bot customers have the reassuring assistance of our team of technical experts which can be contacted 7-day a week hotline using the medium of your choice: phone, sms, Whatsapp, Skype, email… In the unlikely event of a malfunction with your product within the 2 years Tennis Bot warranty period, our experts will be on hand to diagnose and repair your problem at no cost to you thanks to their 100+ years of combined experience in mechanical and electronic engineering.

Purchasing from an outside vendor will comprise your ability to access local customer service, lengthy delays trying to diagnose the problem without any hands-on from a technical expert, and costly freight bills for spare parts delivery. For severe malfunctions on Lobster machines, you may even have to cover the cost of shipping your product back and forth to the manufacturer in the US so he could complete the necessary repairs on your machine.

* Except applicable duty and taxes in export countries, if applicable (as these will be determined by local customs authorities)

** For tennis ball machines only (Lobster Sports and Slinger). Accessories may be shipped with other providers of express logistics services

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